Baia degli Infreschi path, trekking for the whole family

Baia degli Infreschi path, trekking for the whole family

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Sentiero Baia degli Infreschi - Le più belle spiagge del Cilento

The Baia degli Infreschi Trail is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated by trekking enthusiasts.

But even those tourists who may have had other plans for their holidays end up falling in love with this route.

Because it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the sea and the spectacular nature of Cilento all in one go.

And because it’s accessible to the whole family.

Certainly, there’s a lot of walking involved: the complete trail is 4 and a half kilometers long.

But with proper equipment, it’s quite manageable.

Especially since you can take rejuvenating breaks in fairytale-like places. Such as at Spiaggia del Pozzallo.

Plus, there’s another possibility that makes the excursion even more interesting.

You can return by boat.

Before you set off, enjoy a rich breakfast at our Estate

So, shall we embark on discovering this beautiful trail?

Our Tenuta Terre di Bosco Hotel is just 20 kilometers from the Baia degli Infreschi trail (see on Google Maps)

Before embarking, it’s advisable to bring a hat, sunscreen, and water.

They will be valuable allies during the journey.

Furthermore, it’s recommended to fuel up with a rich breakfast.

We’ll take care of that, offering plenty of goodness and quality.

In addition to sweet and savory corners, there’s one dedicated exclusively to typical and genuine flavors of Cilento.

Live the adventure of Baia degli Infreschi!

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Departure from Lentiscelle Beach in Marina di Camerota

After this crucial starting point, you reach the Municipality of Marina di Camerota: the Baia degli Infreschi Trail starts from here. Or, more precisely, from Lentiscelle Beach. The start is uphill.

After a few steps and a short stretch of asphalt road, you begin walking among the trees.

After a while, you encounter the first deviation. You descend towards Spiaggia del Pozzallo.

Here, you can also take the opportunity to refresh yourself.

Or, depending on the season, even take a dip in the water.

Then onward again. The next stop leads to the equally stunning Cala Bianca.

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From hiking on the Baia degli Infreschi Trail to a boat trip

Then you set off again, this time to reach the destination: the beautiful Baia degli Infreschi (or Porto Infreschi).

It’s simply a marvelous place.

If you like, you can dedicate yourself to snorkeling. Or dine directly on typical boats.

At this point, you have two options.

You can walk back, retracing the Baia degli Infreschi Trail.

Or you can board one of the many boats shuttling between the Bay and Marina di Camerota port.

So, are you ready to enjoy the nature and the great beauty of Cilento?

The Baia degli Infreschi Trail: itinerary notes

Start: Marina di Camerota (Salerno)Lentiscelle Beach
End: Porto Infreschi
Length: 4.5 Km
Trail: asphalt, paths
Difficulty: T tourist
Altitude difference: +/- 400 m
Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Distance from Hotel Terre di Bosco: Km. 19.6 (see route from Hotel to start of Trail)
Best period: Recommended in Spring and Autumn.

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