Live the Cilento

28 March 2022
Sentiero Costa del Cilento
The Trail “Costa Del Cilento” (Cilento’s Coast), the perfect path for true trekking lovers
Category: Cilento territory Trekking
Finally the trail “Costa del Cilento” becomes reality!! The inauguration of the route is on Sunday 10 April 2022. It connects Scario to M...
15 March 2022
cicloturismo nel cilento
Cycling tourism in Cilento, live the nature along “The Silent Way” (Via Silente)
Category: Cilento territory
Cilento is a land that has much to offer about the Cycling Tourism. You are spoiled for choice if you like to spend your days outdoors in...
2 March 2022
vacanze romantiche nel cilento
A romantic holiday in Cilento, the offers to enjoy the territory
Category: Cilento territory Trekking
What ‘s the best period for a few days of relaxing with your dears? Every moment is good for a vacation!! But to fully live the ter...
23 February 2022
trekking nel cilento monte cervati
Trekking on Cilento, the most popular itinerary for hikers
Category: Cilento territory Trekking
Many people choose the Cilento as a destination for sea holidays. But only there people can discover that this land has much more to offe...