The Capelli di Venere Waterfalls: excursions in a fairy tale landscape

The Capelli di Venere Waterfalls: excursions in a fairy tale landscape

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Cascate Capelli di Venere

The Capelli di Venere Waterfalls, just 27 kilometers from our property, are undoubtedly among the most beautiful and suggestive in Italy.

They are featured in major travel guides and attract many visitors, especially during the summer. People come from all over Italy and, in many cases, from abroad.

The beauty, peace, and coolness of this magical place immediately create a sense of well-being in hikers.

However, not everyone knows this jewel located in the territory of Casaletto Spartano. They absolutely must be admired, experienced, and photographed.

If you choose to spend a few days vacationing in the Cilento National Park, this is the place to take advantage of.

Especially because in the Oasi Capello, you can take numerous excursions in lush and wild nature.

Beauty is the guiding thread of the journey. It feels like living in a fairy tale.

The legend of Venus and the enamored shepherd

Indeed, this fairy-tale place is also associated with a legend.

It is said that Venus decided to settle in this oasis, attracted by the peace and coolness of this corner of Paradise.

But her beauty did not go unnoticed. A shepherd fell madly in love with her.

One night, while the goddess slept, the man cut a lock of her hair.

However, Venus woke up and – enraged – turned the lock into water. The man drowned.

The goddess of beauty immediately regretted her gesture, but did not have time to save the shepherd.

At this point, she decided to transform him into a plant and laid him down next to the stream of water created by the lock of hair.

Thus, the Capelli di Venere Waterfalls were born. From that moment on, the goddess and the shepherd remained together forever.

Discovering the oasis of the Capelli di Venere Waterfalls

We always recommend our guests to visit these wonderful places.

So, let’s go!

After a rich breakfast, we set off towards Casaletto Spartano, a small village of just a thousand souls.

The Capelli di Venere Waterfalls are less than a kilometer from the municipal capital.

They are easily reached on foot.

Once you reach the oasis, you immediately realize that you made the right choice.

The old mills and small bridges contribute to creating a truly picturesque natural scenery.

But the best is yet to come. What announces something interesting is the roar of the waters flowing protected by the undergrowth.

Finally, we arrive at the point where the Bussentino (or Rio Casaletto, a tributary of the Bussento River) forms the Capelli di Venere Waterfalls.

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Enthralled by the Peace and Beauty of Mother Nature

Water seeps through moss and lichen. Clinging to the rocks is the maidenhair fern, the fern that precisely inspired the name given to the waterfalls.

The chromatic effect is hard to put into words. One is captivated by the beauty of such vivid colors.

Enchantment ensues from the sense of peace and tranquility, with the gentle sound of water as a background.

Its waters, crystal clear, are always icy.

It’s no wonder that during the summer months, the bravest take the opportunity to cool off in the little lake that forms beneath the waterfall.

Some even indulge in a natural hydromassage, naturally positioning themselves under the cascade.

It takes a good amount of courage: even in the height of summer, the waters never reach ten degrees Celsius.

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Nature Trails near Capelli di Venere Waterfalls

Near the waterfall is an ancient mill. It has been restored and is open to visitors. There is also a ruin, the Sorgitore.

It had an important function: diverting part of the water from a nearby source, thus powering the mill.

In the immediate vicinity, there is also a picnic area. In the equipped area, visitors can take advantage of snacks or a barbecue before continuing their journey.

There are tables and benches, as well as some games for children.

As one might guess, this oasis has several nature trails.

You walk through the woods, crossing wooden bridges, and above the waterfall, you can admire a stone bridge dating back to the Norman era.

A pleasant surprise for trekking enthusiasts.

Indeed, there are several ancient paths in this area.

Among these, noteworthy are the one that connects the oasis to Felice Bello’s mill, the Cannati path, and the Rocche path.

But these are just some of the marked trails: Casaletto Spartano’s territory is indeed rich in hiking trails with various levels of difficulty.

In the past, these trails connected the town to the surrounding hamlets.

Other Beauties of the Cilento National Park

Casaletto Spartano is an integral part of the Cilento National Park.

There are also other areas of great environmental and scenic interest nearby.

Not far from Casaletto Spartano, just as an example, is the Oasi WWF Grotte del Bussento.

We are in Morigerati, a village awarded the orange flag by the Touring Club Italiano.

By the way: Morigerati and Casaletto Spartano are one of the most suggestive stops on the Via Silente, a 600-kilometer route dedicated to cycling enthusiasts.

And let’s not forget – Cilento has much to offer from a historical and archaeological perspective.

Thanks also to the presence of the Paestum Archaeological Park (here is the Google Maps route) and the Elea-Velia Archaeological Area (here is how to reach it), the Cilento National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In short: the choices are endless. The resources of the area are plentiful.

It’s up to travelers to discover them.

In return, you will have the opportunity to experience authentic experiences.

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