Events and banquets, when gourmet cuisine and the beauty of Cilento make the difference

Events and banquets, when gourmet cuisine and the beauty of Cilento make the difference

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Eventi e banchetti Cilento - Terre di Bosco - apericena nel cilento

With the arrival of spring, the season of events and banquets starts again at Tenuta Terre di Bosco.

The chefs of I Saraceni Restaurant are ready to accept new challenges, with gourmet dishes inspired by the authentic flavors of Cilento.

A truly “tasty” painting. But the setting is also worthy of note: on beautiful spring and summer days you can in fact eat on the panoramic terrace.

The scenario is unique. On one side you are caressed by the green hills of the Cilento National Park. On the other, the blue sea of the Gulf of Policastro which bathes the most beautiful beaches of Cilento.

The same emotions – if not more intense – are also felt if you choose to organize a party or event by the pool.

What if it’s bad weather? No problem, actually. The internal restaurant room is no exception.

The right choice for a family or friends party

Even in this case there is beauty to welcome the guest.

The minimalist style rooms are elegant. To enhance them there are the works of art by Lauro Potenza and Mattia Ammirati, from the Collettivo Informali.

Between a toast and a course, between an exchange of jokes and a break on the terrace, it is not uncommon to find guests stopping to admire the works on display.

Oh yes: the eye also wants its part. In all senses.

But the real and substantial difference is, as always, the menu. In the kitchen they always find the right answer for every event.

From a small party with friends to your child’s communion, from a wedding anniversary to a birthday: Tenuta Terre di Bosco knows how to offer excellence to families and groups of friends.

Flavors, emotions and beauty go hand in hand.

Even when organizing a simple banquet with friends. Or when graduation is to be celebrated.

Events and banquets: the quality of the wine and food offering

There is a thread that links all these small and large events: the quality of the food and wine offering.

The dishes served at the table are the result of constant research in the area.

Only the best of the typical Cilento products are selected, starting from those that characterize the Mediterranean diet.

There must be a reason if it has become part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Here, our menus focus on these flavours. And they do so by also reflecting the conformation of the territory.

Here you can enjoy both fish-based dishes and those typical of the hinterland.

Sea and mountains, even at the table. Not just when you admire the view.

Even better if there is a good wine to accompany the dishes. Our cellar is well stocked.

Choose our hotel for your next holiday!

Close to the sea of Scario, in the comfort and quiet environment of Cilento.

Conquer your guests with good food

What is certain is that the quality of the zero kilometer products, together with the imagination of the artists of our kitchen, create dishes that are beautiful to look at, but above all delicious. Absolutely to be savored.

It almost seems like it would be a sin to “desecrate” such beauty with a fork.

But at the first bite you understand that the choice was right.

Even the buffet compositions organized for an event do not go unnoticed.

But as always, the delicacies served come out on top.

This is why the one organized at Tenuta Terre di Bosco is not the usual event.

This is why a banquet organized in this beautiful corner of Cilento will surprise you. And you will make a good impression on your guests.

Yes, you can be sure: they will go home satisfied, happy to have spent a wonderful day. Eating very well.

The ideal location for your events and banquets in Cilento

If you want to organize a party with family or friends, trust us. We will transform your event into an unforgettable day.

Contact our facility. Together we will build a menu that will fully satisfy your needs. Also to meet particular dietary needs.

Together we will choose the right location to give a touch of creativity and beauty to such an important day for you and for those closest to you.

Choose whether you want to celebrate on the panoramic terrace, by the pool or in the restaurant room.

We’ll take care of everything else.

By the way: if you want to stay and also experience the Cilento area, no problem.

Staying at Tenuta Terre di Bosco

Tenuta Terre di Bosco offers elegant and comfortable rooms.

As well as a simply delicious breakfast ready to amaze you when you wake up.

Trust me, it’s worth getting to know our land more deeply.

It welcomes you with beautiful beaches and trekking routes immersed in the greenery of the Cilento National Park.

Furthermore it allows you to read the great history of the temples of Paestum and the archaeological site of Elea-Velia.

They are UNESCO-labelled, like the splendid Certosa di Padula.

There is nothing better to end your party organized in the Terre di Bosco in style, where the heart of Cilento beats strongest.



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