Trekking on Cilento, the most popular itinerary for hikers

Trekking on Cilento, the most popular itinerary for hikers

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Many people choose the Cilento as a destination for sea holidays. But only there people can discover that this land has much more to offer.

First of all, excellent food with its Mediterranean diet, then a wonderful nature with local history that can inspire travelers.

In the “Cilento National Park” there are many itineraries for trekking lovers with trailer, more or less difficult. Just choose the ones that you prefer.

Walking among Cilento National Park’s beauties

You can visit the Certosa of Padula or all the archeological sites like that of Elea-Velia.

But of course, the coastal or mountain trails attract more the hikers because you can admire the green mountains and the wonderful blue of the sea.

The headland of Capo Palinuro and Baia Infreschi

One example, The headland of Capo Palinuro, a limesrone rocks, overhanging the Sea, which offers a rare flower: the cowslip, that usually grows on the mountains.

Along the trails of the promontory you can reach the coves or see suggestive caves like the wonderful “Grotta Azzurra” (Blue Cave).

But also you can admire the beauty of nature along the “Baia Infreschi” in Marina di Camerota, a path of 4 km that allows you to visit some beaches like Lentiscelle, Pozzallo, Cala Bianca.

Masseta Coast and the path of Ciolandrea

Not so far ifrom our hotel you can discover Masseta Coast.

Starting from the center of Scario, you climb towards the headland “Punta Spinosa” and then go down to the beach of Molara.

Then there are karst caves like “Grotta dell’Acqua” (Water Cave) characterized by stalactites and stalagmites.

Another trail really interesting in San Giovanni a Piro is that of Ciolandrea with wonderful landascapes.

Its peculiarity is the “Viewpoint of the four regions“. It’s really special because it embraces the entire Gulf of Policastro, and you can see Campania, Basilicata ( with Christ of Maratea) and Calabria. Sometimes, in very sunny days there Is also a bit of Sicily with the Aeolian Islands and the volcano Stromboli.

Another important place to visit is the Santuario Della Madonna di Pietrasanta, built on a rock.

The path of lovers in Ascea Marina and the naturalistic oasis of Trentova

Romantic people can also include Ascea Marina in their travel itineraries with its Paths of Lovers that, since 2017, allows you to admire the Beauty of the Gulf of Velia and to see the promontory of Palinuro.

The route is very special: it’s characterized by steps and several wooden walkways.

The arrival point is at the Telegraph Tower (Saracen Tower). The Naturalistic Oasis of Trentova in Agropoli Is also interesting. In 2020 a network of trails has bene created for a total lenght of 10 km.

The trails allow to reach some suggestive coves and the ruins of ancient watchtowers.

The most popular Is the Trail of “Belvedere”.

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Near the beaches of Scario, in the quiet and intimate comfort of Cilento.

Trekking on Cilento: the Mountain Stella and Gelbison Mountain

There are some paths suitable for the most experienced hikers, like that which lead to the Mountain Stella.

Starting from San Mauro Cilento, you can pass through the sacred area of the megalithic rocks and the hermitage of “Santa Maria della Stella“.

Upon reaching the summit you can admire the Cilento in all its beauty.

Another trail appreciated by hikers Is that of Gelbison Mountain.

From the Chapel of Holy Stairs in Montano Antilia you can reach “Piano Ceraso” with a unique view of the promontory Capo Palinuro and the Gulf of Policastro, or the Bulgheria and Cervati Mountains.

Then, you can reach the “Santuario della Madonna del Sacro Monte” until the arrival on Gelbison Mountain.

Bulgheria and Cervati Mountains

Trekking lovers also appreciate the trials that lead to the Bulgheria and Cervati Mountains. Around Bulgheria Mountain, there are the “Sentiero degli Eremiti”, “Sentiero Altipiano”, “Sentiero delle Scalette” too.

In stess in the area of Cervati Mountain there are the Trail of Pilgrims, Hell’s Bridge and Trail of White Fir.

A journey through time among the natural beauty of Cilento

Finally to round off, there Is another itinerary that combines nature and history, the “Sentiero dei moti rivoluzionari del Cilento”.

It starts between San Giovanni a Piro and Scario and you will see San Biase di Ceraso, Laurito, Roccagloriosa and Celle di Bulgheria.

To sum up, to practice trekking in Cilento, you have so many possibilities, from coastal to mountains paths.

In both cases, you will know for sure that you will have an absolutely unique adventure through a wild and uncontaminated nature.



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